Our Team

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Alexandra Pascu

Swedish Meeting Moderator

Currently studying German and Swedish at the University of Bucharest, Alexandra is also collaborating with the Goethe Institute of Bucharest, assisting with the implementation of the cultural and educational activities of the institute.


Mădălina Stănescu

English Meeting Moderator



Bogdan Trandafir

German Meeting Co-moderator

Currently working as an engineer for a German telecom service provider, Bogdan has joined the LEB team in September 2014 out of the need to share with others his enthusiasm for the German language and culture.


Silvia Ionescu

Italian Meeting Moderator

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Alexia Ursache

Portuguese Meeting Moderator

Sorina Negoiță

French Meeting Moderator

Sorin George Șinca

German Meeting Co-moderator

Ana-Maria Lungu

Spanish Meeting Moderator